Product Addition (Opening Product)

Deliveries--> Add Product

Product addition module refers to the addition of the existing products or goods of your business. For example like if you are using the software business purpose now you have some existing goods or products which you want to put inside the inventory as an opening product, so you can give the entry record by using the add product from the delivery module of the application.



Select the inventory where you want to put the the opening products and selecting the credit account ( which is recommended to be the capital account)

In the Item information provide the name of the product,item quantity which you want to put for opening products


After filling up all the fields in the window click on save to complete the add product which will be taking you to the list of delivery page and it will be generated as PAQ-xxx (Product Aquisition) since you are acquiring the product. The screenshot is given below for understanding


Notice that the after saving and generating as PAQ-xxxx the product acquisition delivery has not been completed for which it is showing as " ! " marks. This explains that it is in pending state. so in order to complete delivering the product into the inventory select the PAQ-xxx and then click on accept button marked as green box in the above screenshot to complete the delivery of the opening products  or products acquisition into the inventory


Again from the list page of delivery you can change the status or actions of particular PAQ by selecting the specific pAQ-xxx and take action whether accepting, rejecting, pending or closing