Sales Management


1) Add New Sale Order:

Invoice--> New Sale Invoice


Party Type: Choosing the party type (Customer)

Customer: Name of the customer

Name: Same as customer or if there is a person tagged with the customer

Sales Person: You can tag a specific sales person in the window while making a sale order

Product Information: Providing the name of the product along with its quantity unit price and total price

Similar like Purchase order it also has Instant Delivery and Auto Accept option in the window



2) After Impact of generating Sale Order (Sale Order List):

Invoice--> Sales Invoice List

After completing the information field and clicking on save a sale order will be generated and will direct you to the sale order list as shown below: (Note that if you select the auto accept button the SO-xxx will automatically be posted showing the tick mark and if not selected then it will be shown in pending state where " ! " mark will be shown in posted state)




From the sale order list you can see all the sale orders that has been generated as well from the list you can change the status and actions of particular sale orders. If you feel that a particular sale order which you have generated is wrong or think you will not hit the accounting head then you can click on pending state at first and then you can reject the sale order if you dont want to keep it. As well as after changing into pending state of particular SO-xxxx then you can edit the SO as well as delete the sale order too.