Spent Product

Spent product feature refers to the products that has been wasted, damaged or not capable of using for selling as a product in business or consuming the products for personal use etc. In Short the used up or wastage of products acting as an expense for specific purpose from the inventory is known as the spent product of Onebook application.

Deliveries--> Spent Product




Choosing the inventory from where the products or goods are going to be spent or used up
Choose the Debit Account as " Expense"

In the Item information giving the product name,showing the stock and the amount of quantity which you want to used up or remove the waste product from the inventory

After completing filling up all the fields, click on save to proceed further into the delivery list. This spent product will be generated as PCM-xxx  (Product Consumption)

Notice that the PCM which was generated is in " ! " state which explains that although PCM was generated but the delivery state is in pending which means you still didn't get it out from the inventory. So select the PCM-xxx and then click on the accept button marked as green box in the above screenshot to complete taking out the product from the inventory