Product Transfer


Product or Goods Transfer defines the transfer of products between inventories.

For example you are managing multiple inventories in the application for your business, now you want to transfer some quantity of a specific products to another inventory which is in shortage, you can manage that easily by giving entry on " Inventory Transfer " feature from the application.

Delivery--> New Inventory Transfer


From the Transfer Order Window:

Inventory: The first Inventory section is to select the Inventory from where you will transfer the good to another

Dest. Inventory: It is the destination Inventory where the goods will be transferred

Receive Date: Date of Receiving the Transfer order

Delivery Date: Date of delivering the goods

Product Information: Name of the product, showing the stock and the quantity of products you want to transfer


After completing the information field, click on save to complete the Transfer order window generating and then it will appear in the following window shown below:


Notice that after generating the Inventory Transfer it is generated as Transfer Order, TRO-xxx and it is pending state in the delivery list. Select the TRO-xxx and click on accept to complete the Transfer Order to the destination Inventory which was selected.


After that you can check the Inventory of that product stock whether the amount has increased or not.