Purchase Management


1) Create a Purchase Order:


Invoice--> New Purchase Invoice


Following Information Needs to be filled up while making a purchasing order:

Party: Choosing the Vendor from whom you are purchasing

Name: Name of the party (Note if the vendor name is same as the name of the party then it will show the same name automatically)

Order Date: Date of making the entry the purchase order

Product Information: Providing the product information with name, quantity and unit price as well as total price

Note there are two additional option of Instant Delivery and Auto Accept which can be done from the Purchase order and it will automatically accept and complete the purchase order if you select the Auto Accept. If you select the Instant Delivery then it will automatically delivery the product as well after accepting



Accounts Information: Providing the correct accounts in the debit credit section for the proper accounting head transaction

Payment Date: You can also provide the payment date for reminder




2) After Impact of generating a Purchase Order:

To check the purchase order list go Invoice---> Purchase Invoice List

After generating a new purchase order it will be shown in the Purchase Invoice list window of the onebook application. Once you save and finish generating a purchase order it will take you automatically to the purchase invoice list to see the purchase orde generated.

Note that if you selected the "Auto Accept" button while generating a new purchase order it will show as accepted and completing the purchase order PO in accepted state. Screenshot is given below for understanding:




Notice that a tick mark is visible on the posted section which means the purchase order has been completed with full action and accounting head



Now if the Auto accept was not selected then the following purchase order "PO-xxx" will show in pending state marked as " ! " in the posted section